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pug puppies

A little self-indulgent post today.  Friends of mine have pugs too.  They had 2 older ones, and when one died, they ended up getting three new ones (I think they intended to get one, but now they have a house of four).  The new additions came from breeders, so they were not fixed because they come from champion lineage.  (Yes, I think Cooper is the most beautiful pug, but when I saw these three, they really are gorgeous).

Anyway, long story, the boy and the girl got at each other one night (the guys were very strict about keeping them apart when the girl was in heat), but saucy little girl broke from her cage one night and strolled (well, maybe ran) right on over to the boy and had her way with him (and he was harnessed the entire time- yeah, I guess she’s into bondage).  So, my friends ended up with an unexpected pregnancy (yes, even 2 guys can have an unintended pregnancy).

So four little pug puppies came into the world a couple of months ago and they are now being given to friends and relatives.  Before the first one went off with his new owners, my friends had a party.  I brought Cooper, and for the first time, he was the calm one- except for the fact that he kept trying to hump the old male pug- Cooper is always working on a power play.

I took some photos and videos, and I got the best video of one of the boy puppies (I think it was Rocco) forcing Cooper to play with him. And yes, I know Cooper looks like he is the jolly green giant next to them.  I feed him 2/3 cup of food a day and walk him 2 hours a day- he’s just big boned.

Best day ever!!

First, Rocco attacking Cooper (I shot the videos on an iPhone, and I don’t know how to expand the view- if anyone knows, tell me). Sorry for all the laughing, but half way through it gets good- the puppy was so persistent.

Some short videos of them running around

And some photos- The mom.

Mom nursing for the last time.

Puppy trying to nurse Cooper.

Mom and her babies after a long day.

The fourth couldn’t fit, so he conked out on the floor.


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