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mason jar meals

Oh, peeps- I’m so late with the post today but I didn’t neglect you.

I spotted this idea the other week over at [crap-I can’t find the link anymore- I’m looking for the blog now!].  The original post is from blogger, The Decorated Cookie.

I use mason jars for everything– ever since my summers on Nantucket drinking cocktails from mason jars at Straight Wharf. Now, I use them to tote all kinds of food- granola, nuts, my morning coffee, veggies (ok- that one’s a stretch). This weekend I stashed lemonade in one for the movie theater (you know I’m not paying $6 for a 60 ounce big gulp)– and it stayed perfectly spill-free and cold the entire time.

Mason jars also fit my goal of living like my grandparents- they are durable, reusable, tough, and perfect for travel because they create an airtight seal.

The Decorated Cookie blogger participated in a blogging competition that tested culinary and blogging skills, and one of the challenges was a portable meal.  She created Mason Jar meals.  The idea killed me- I love it!!

I just thought her ideas and recipes are so genius.  The jars are the perfect size for a small meal on the go. And I’m seriously thinking about preparing a bunch of these for the week, since I’m trying to eat better and get my butt back in shape.  Is it possible to fit a pizza in a jar?

From the author: “I wanted a meal that tasted freshly made, even after sitting for hours in a jar. Mason jars allow you to stack food in layers, keeping unfriendly mixing at bay, until right before serving.  My biggest challenge was deciding in what order to layer the meal in the jar. How could I dress the salad but not have limp lettuce?”

Go here for her recipes and tips.  She’s genius!


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  1. Oh my goodness, whatta great feature! I’m so honored. Thanks so much for posting on my mason jars 🙂 !

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