my kind of burger recipe

May 5, 2014




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breaking bad posters

April 29, 2014

I had to make sure I posted at least once in April!  Coming out of the polar vortex has been more rejuvenating than anything, so I’ve just been off sitting in the sun and playing fetch with my new dog (more on him later– yes, he is a rescue, and yes, he is a pug!).

Something cool to end your April.  These posters from Zsutti– one for each episode of Breaking Bad, conveying a seminal quote and image from that episode.  (I still wake up some days and can’t believe it’s over).  Until last month or so, you could purchase them at Society6, but he (she?) received a notice from Sony about copyrights so had to post this note on his/her website.

“… I was made a promise that Sony is going to work out a way to use my artworks in an official way, which – I think –  would be the best solution for all parties, including you, the Breaking Bad fans.  When I started this project, I would have never believed that it would go this far and YOU had a huge part in that…. You and this project have changed the course of my life….Now I place my confidence in Sony’s team to move forward and I continue to celebrate the best TV show in the world!”  Amen!











All the posters:tumblr_n170xxnzmK1slqxs4o1_1280

And with a further search on Society6 for Breaking Bad images, I came across these, which are equally as cool (and still available):







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every Gen X-er’s fear

March 26, 2014

Now that Gen X-er’s are hitting middle age (or because GIRLS is a cultural phenomenon), we’re no longer scared of a nuclear meltdown,  but this instead:



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pfw, fall 2014, no. 4: minimalist collections

March 25, 2014

acne fall 2014maison rabih kayrouz fall 2014

maison rabih kayrouz fall 2014

chloe fall 2014

paul and joe fall 2014veronique branquinho fall 2014

af vandevorst fall 2014af vandevorst fall 2014

sonia rykiel fall 2014sonia rykiel fall 2014

chloe fall 2014nina ricci fall 2014

maison rabih kayrouz fall 2014 hmaison rabih kayrouz fall 2014 oakris fall 2014

akris fall 2014

chalayan fall 2014 smaison rabih kayrouz fall 2014 b

chalayan fall 2014 rchalayan fall 2014 e

chalayan fall 2014chalayan fall 2014

viktor & rolf fall 2014 eVALENTINO fall 2014 f

VALENTINO fall 2014VALENTINO fall 2014

ann demeulemeester fall 2014 sann demeulemeester fall 2014 c

ann demeulemeester fall 2014ann demeulemeester fall 2014


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