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August 28, 2014

You’ve probably all noticed that I’ve been gone for a long time!!  Based on reading quite a few other blogs that I’ve been following for as many years as I’ve had this blog, we’re all going through a hump.  I think a lot of us are burnt out, stressed out, bored, or disillusioned.  I really am only the first one.

When I started this thing, I was unemployed and searching for a creative outlet that was missing as a practicing attorney.  Now I am back to work and life is happening.  I just can’t sustain the blog like I used to do.  So I started thinking about what do with it.

I don’t want it to end.  I actually have a million things I still want to get out to you all.  I just don’t have the time to come home each night and spend a couple hours getting a post ready (which is really how long it takes, sometimes less, but often times, much more).

So, I’m going to shake things up a bit.  I’ll be writing fewer actual posts, and instead try to convey what I want in a quicker format via Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

What does that mean for you?  Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1.    If you are like me and still follow blog posts using an RSS feed, you won’t see that many actual posts anymore.

2.    I will instead be posting quick blurbs, links, or photos via Twitter and Pinterest.  So if you haven’t already done so, follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.  Now!  Hurry!  Go!

3.    I keep my personal Facebook page separate but connected to my blog, so if you are a close personal friend, you could still follow my blog via notices on my personal Facebook page.  No more.  Because I will be quick posting more often, I do not want to inundate my personal friends with blog stuff.  Therefore, if you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you will have to like the C&C Facebook page to continue to get blog content.

4.    For those of you on my Twitter and Pinterest pages, you will now see very active posts.  I am planning to go back to a Monday through Friday cycle, and organize curated Pinterest days, or send out cool things via Twitter posts.

5.    I am not on Instagram.  I still don’t understand what that is??!?!  Can someone explain it to me, because if I take pictures with my camera (and don’t want to pretend I took them with an old-timey camera in the 1890s) and I post them to Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, why the hell do I need a separate platform just for photos?

I think I may have lost you all in my absence, but hopefully I haven’t.  Like all other bloggers who went through periods of dormancy, I stuck with them (mainly because I get posts through RSS feeds, so I just get the new post whenever it gets published).

Here’s hoping this works!  I will be very happy to be back and very happy if I still have at least two followers.  So, look forward to a new format after Labor Day.  Remember to follow me herehere, and here.

Oh yeah, and since I always need a photo with every post, this is the most recent addition to the C&C family (he joins his pug brother, Bandit).  Like any good C&C family member, he is in a bar.


If you get nothing out of this post but one thing, it is that there is an amazing bar in Brooklyn called Bar Great Harry that allows dogs on Sundays.  They can saddle up on a bar stool, or cozy up in a banquet, and pass out with their owners or make the rounds and hang out with the tens of other dogs there (Frenchies, Pits, Labs, other Pugs, and Bulldogs).


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my kind of burger recipe

May 5, 2014




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breaking bad posters

April 29, 2014

I had to make sure I posted at least once in April!  Coming out of the polar vortex has been more rejuvenating than anything, so I’ve just been off sitting in the sun and playing fetch with my new dog (more on him later– yes, he is a rescue, and yes, he is a pug!).

Something cool to end your April.  These posters from Zsutti– one for each episode of Breaking Bad, conveying a seminal quote and image from that episode.  (I still wake up some days and can’t believe it’s over).  Until last month or so, you could purchase them at Society6, but he (she?) received a notice from Sony about copyrights so had to post this note on his/her website.

“… I was made a promise that Sony is going to work out a way to use my artworks in an official way, which – I think –  would be the best solution for all parties, including you, the Breaking Bad fans.  When I started this project, I would have never believed that it would go this far and YOU had a huge part in that…. You and this project have changed the course of my life….Now I place my confidence in Sony’s team to move forward and I continue to celebrate the best TV show in the world!”  Amen!











All the posters:tumblr_n170xxnzmK1slqxs4o1_1280

And with a further search on Society6 for Breaking Bad images, I came across these, which are equally as cool (and still available):







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every Gen X-er’s fear

March 26, 2014

Now that Gen X-er’s are hitting middle age (or because GIRLS is a cultural phenomenon), we’re no longer scared of a nuclear meltdown,  but this instead:



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